Autonome & You

Royal Automotive Club sponsored group project


Traveling with children?

Designing a shared vehicle for families traveling with children. How can autonomous driving enable families? Autonomous technology to enrich family values and travel experience in the urban environment.

Project Question

In a group of 5 designers, we were given a prompt: design a vehicle for traveling with children.

Research phase 1. Workshop with a Dad, who often travels with his baby


What’s your Perfect Vehicle

During a workshop provided by the Intelligent Mobility Design Center, our group interviewed and brainstormed with a Dad who regularly travels in London with his child. Using a quick lego and clay exercise, we envisioned the ‘perfect vehicle for dads and babies.’ The conversation emphasized safety, comfort and space for both the parents and children, and storage.


Fears & Hopes for the Future

During the workshop, we also discussed about the fears and hopes regarding the future of autonomous mobility and how it could change our everyday travel experiences. The present environment: traveling with baby supplies, gadgets is already hectic. Adding crowded public transport, unfriendly strangers, unexpected baby emergencies does not add up to an enjoyable family experience. We identified the need for a specific service that understands the needs for a traveling family.


Research phase 2. Interviews with Nannies, Working parents, Nursery teachers

The most common travel for a child and the parents was commuting to and from home to the nursery. It is an everyday routine that often involves hectic mornings. Interviewing Nannies who takes and picks up the kids instead of the parents, Working parents who include the drop off in their morning commute and Nursery teachers, we gathered information about the morning routines / afternoon pick ups and the family connection that exists in these time frame.

The morning drop off is often disorienting and busy for both the parent and the child. Waking up, getting the kids ready, having breakfast, and the parents getting ready themselves, it is a busy routine with the child often in a bad mood. Some families have nannies to help but, for the working parents, it’s even more hectic. The drop off at the nursery is a short but important moment for the parents to converse with the teachers and gain more insight into the child’s everyday being.

Pick up from the nursery is also an essential time for building a bond between the parent and the child. After a day at the nursery, the child has so much he/she is excited to share about. They are eager to converse and communicate with their parents and it is an important moment for the parent to be available for them. Often times, some parents make a longer routine out of the pick up by stopping by playgrounds/ parks or involving the child in planning for the evening by grocery shopping together.

Design needs: Service to help ease the process of commuting, allow families to focus on each other


We made 3 Family Personas and scenarios for children with: Nanny, Working + Stay at home parents, Separated Parents.

The autonomously driven vehicle provides a pick up and shared mobility solution that allows the parents/guardians to commute to their desired destinations while dropping off and picking up the children. And the vehicle and service acts as a tool to connect the family by aiding the difficult routines and commuting, providing a relaxing and interactive atmosphere in the vehicle and allowing for working or separated parents to share time with their children in the brief time frame available.

Final Product. “Element” shared autonomous family vehicle