Emotional Technology

Intelligent Mobility Design Center sponsored project


ai for understanding the passengers’ sociality

Artificial Intelligence for the future autonomy isn’t only for self-driving. Inside the vehicle, technology observes, learns, predicts and provides for the interpersonal interactions.

Project Question

Can Technology understand and mimic human rituals, a meaningful act with emotional connections? 

I wanted to capture and analyze the emotional levels and physical interactions that happen while people ‘greet’ each other. During the observations, I’ve encountered what I presumed to be: Chauffeurs & Clients, Acquaintances, Friends, Couples in romantic relationships, and Families. 

Capturing the greeting process, I wanted to breakdown physical interactions to see if there are identifying factors that define the emotion behind the actions.

Research phase 1. Observation at arrival gates (Malpensa Airport)


Matrix for emotional values and physical actions

Drawing the relationship between emotional levels and the physical actions from the observation

Research phase 2. Interviews

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 10.43.49 PM.png

Emotions inside the vehicles

I interviewed people with experience either picking up or being picked up from the airport by their close ones. Discussing the range of emotions they experience while waiting, meeting, greeting, and driving, we came to conclude there is a preferable balance between acknowledging each other physically, communicating the emotional connection and response, without overly engaging or distracting.

Design needs:

Technology understanding, providing, supporting, and mimicking the human ritual.

Utilizing the discovery of the connection between vertical and horizontal movements with emotional intensities, I came up with the idea of making the seating to mimic such relations and create a speculative critical study around the usage scenarios.



seating movement initiates/ supports / disrupts interpersonal scenarios