From January to May, 2016, I studied abroad at Nuova Accademia di Belli Arti di Milano (NABA Milano) in Italy. I had projects that were inspired by local designers and design artifacts I could visit and observe throughout the design process.

Egg Carton chair

Achille Castiglioni inspired design process

For a furniture project, our class visited the Achille Castiglioni studio and explored the legendary Italian designer's design process. Drawing inspiration from any mundane objects and creating an experience through furniture, I was inspired by his way of designing. I applied the methodology in a project:   Nervature, which means ribs in Italian, is a concept inspired by plastic egg cartons. I explored the thermoformed plastic's particular visuals and the structural strength/ system. The thin layer of plastic has an almost crystal-like appearance and communicates fragility. Yet, the multiple folds and creases make it incredibly stable and strong. I created a bar chair that mimics the visual language and characteristic of the inspired object. 


Pietà Rondanini exhibit furniture

Simple and Pristine exhibit space structure

Museo Pieta Rondanini is a small museum space, which only displays Michelangelo's Pieta Rondanini and few of related documents. It's a beautiful, modern and simple space provoking reflection and sense of appreciation. For my furniture project, I proposed a temporary exhibition furniture to further illustrate the idea of an 'unfinished work.' Pieta Rondanini is one of Michelangelo's last and unfinished masterpieces. In my concept, the exhibition embodies the concept of unfinished process through providing display opportunities of Michelangelo's sketches and historical information on the Pieta. The display happens on the sides of the seating structure as it directs the audience's path. And visually, wooden structures, white cloths and plaster drew inspiration from renaissance scaffoldings.