Volvo brand language

Deconstructing and Recreating a visual brand language


Volvo XC 70

Flash light

Deconstruct the brand language and create a product, a flashlight, in line with the brand identity

Research. Volvo visual brand language deconstruction

The project began with analysis of Volvo visual brand language (vbl) and the XC 70 styling. The analysis includes the history of the brand, to their legacy in vehicle safety, visual language and their contemporary marketing strategies. The vbl research was conducted as a group project with Jesse Klein, Albert Topdjian, and Brian Yang.

Design needs:

XC 70 Flashlight Concept

After creating a brand style guide, I developed a persona that fits the vehicle, XC 70, as well as the flashlight I redesigned. The form study explored various cross sections and profiles. Then, details such as facets, curves and surfaces were added on the body. Both the general profile/body and the details were drawn out from features of XC70 such as the iconic volvo shoulders. The form development rotated around sketches and rapid prototyping with grey renshape. And the final design was made and rendered in Solidworks.